Landscape (Arrest at the United States-Mexico border recorded by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) 2013

"Landscape pairs edited news footage of an arrest from a report celebrating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) surveiling the border between the United States and Mexico with an audio recording of William S Burroughs reading fragments from his novel, Nova Express (1964).The corrupted modes of vision described in Burroughs' text haunt the video feed- acquired through technologies of looking that are invisible to their terrestrial subjects. In this instance, the all-seeing eye of God has been assumed by the military-industrial complex in an effort to maintain imaginary national boundaries."

Alumni - Closer f./ Stevie Nader- by One Way Out Productions (Alexander Ramirez)

Antoine Cordet.

Erasing Barthes [2013] by Cory Rice

TPR: Bar Code Cypher 3 by One Way Out Productions (Alexander Ramirez)

LParadise by Vitaliy Dobrynin

A Californian November by Alina Celik

CAPITOLO II - Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi by Matteo Domenichetti

CAPITOLO I - Tu tremi d'estate by Matteo Domenichetti

Letters From The Desert by Ali Rachel Pearl

Susu Laroche + New Noveta, 'Flood' (2016). Excerpt. Courtesy the artists.