THE LINES project

The LINES PROJECT project is a giveaway of objects from former lovers in an attempt to transform the experiences of material objects. 

Each contributor places an object in their local coffee shop, park, bar, hangout, etc, takes a photograph of the object, and emails us the photo. We then post the photo in our alphabetized gallery organized by the first letter of each former lover's name.  There are entire lines of "a" objects, "b" objects, "c" objects, and so forth.  Attached to each object is a note stating: "take me/free, from the lines project".

When someone finds an object that is a part of THE LINES project, they have the option of submitting to us an anonymous note about where they found the object and the story behind their discovery.  These posts will be posted alongside the object in the online gallery.

Project Directions

1. Find your object and attach a LINES PROJECT note. Either print one of the cards out (by clicking the image of the card above) or hand write a similar note.

2. Record the object at the place it is released by either a still shot or video recording. (You may also choose to make an accompanying BLACKBOX recording with this project. See the BLACKBOX project tab for details.)

3. Email with your photo and video file.

Submission Directions


1.   The location the object was given away at (city and state).

2.  The first letter of the first name of the former lover it belonged to or was from.

3. The photograph of the object, or the video clip.

4. An accompanying story of how the object was acquired, any adventures or stories you had with it, and why/how you decided to give it away.

5. Send to us at with "THE LINES project" in the subject line. 

3. Your full name will not be published with these, if you are chosen for publication. So go wild. But be true. 

FOR OBJECTS UNABLE TO BE RE-GIFTED: The participant can choose to write "free! take me!" on objects such as books, jewelry, mementos, etc.  Any objects one would rather throw into the ocean, off a bridge, or decorate a tree with because of the nature of the object (such as certain clothing items, used cosmetics....) can be documented and submitted to the project without the "take me!" sticker. 

FOR WRITTEN OBJECTS: For poems from your lover, unsent love letters, or photographs that do not fit inside another object, or that you do not have another object to place in, seal in a white envelope. You can leave this envelope in a bookstore, cafe, anywhere. Just make sure the outside says something like, "to whoever found me, feel free to open and read. Part of THE LINES project".  And again, attach or write a THE LINES project note.  We ask for writing unsent love letters that you black out of cut out their name except their first initial.