The Hometown Queen Rodeo Pants

The Hometown Queen Rodeo Pants


You asked me when it was that memory just became a tall tale. When a feeling that dried like an old corsage became something more decent to toss than to recount. We sat on the deck of the house, fireworks still going off the day after the 4th. I wanted to think of the crickets creeping in the dark. I knew they weren’t, they were just chirping, spread out over the fields still warm in the dark. You sat still next to me, looking over, quiet. Your eyes were waiting but all I could do was smell your skin and the black earth between the sprawling fields. We both already knew the answer. We wouldn’t return to this place or this time the same way. We could return to each other, but it wouldn’t be this. I swung my legs above the deck, looking at the flower beds below. A pink ribbon in my hair, the same color as the sequins on my pants. That night, I slipped the ribbon out of my hair after you left, tucking it under my mattress. Years after you were deployed, when you knew, I’d realize later, when you knew when you weren’t coming back, you wrote. Scout, you said, using the name nobody had called me since that night, send me something from home. So I dug out that pink hair ribbon and put it into an envelope. But we both knew what I was trying to do was mail you that twilight. That last night. Where our breath mixed and tasted like sunset. Where we sat under the Nebraska sky knowing we were making a memory, without knowing exactly how or why.

Material: Sequins

Size: S, fits up to a Size 4

Tired of searching for quality apparel and heritage style home goods, we founded the YT Rabbit as an online bazaar of hand curated vintage and art objects. Each piece has lived with us and been restored or tailored to suit a world of post-modernity. We believe in the integrity of each object we’ve collected and display it gallery style with its own title card and origin story on our site.

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