NAME THE BAND is an independent rock band from São Paulo, Brazil.

When Lou Reed, David Bowie and Devo meets The Strokes and The Arctic Monkeys. An original and modern act, with a punk rock accent, and an indie rock atmosphere.

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Brazilian rockers, Name the Band, are on their #FlashFloodUSATour, adventuring throughout America. Needless to say, the country is falling in love with their intoxicating music. It is their first tour abroad. 

However, the journey has not been an easy one. Name the Band has encountered some not-so-glamorous-setbacks, but they remain gracious, despite a host of tribulations on the road. 

Frontman, Zeh Monstro, explains: "We [have had] problems with the van, like flat tires, oil leaks or a dead battery, money problems, places to stay, lots of driving, etc. But it's all part of the work. We don't have roadies, the crew is just the four of us and our tour manager. So we have to do all of the work. We get to the venue, unload the van, put up the "circus" as we like to say as a joke, do the show, then load the vain again and split to another city. But it's totally worth it. We love what we do, and we get along so well. I always miss being on the road [when not on tour]." 

Monstro speaks Portuguese but sings in English; he's got an invigorating voice that stands out in a remarkable way, and his effortless chic style reminds one of Pete Doherty. Name the Band's frontman is quite different than Doherty, in both talent and demeanor, but Monstro's passion - a real joie de vivre - exudes rock-n-roll spirit. That mentality is shared by all of the Name the Band members; Gabriel da Rosa, Vini Marble, and Bet-o share an infectious energy. You would have to try really hard to have a bad time at a Name the Band show. Even then, chances are Name the Band would try relentlessly to make you smile - they're just that charming. 

What sets Name the Band apart from other bands is more than talent. It's an undeniable gift, clearly visible at their shows - they're playing music to have fun with each other, and to connect with people. If you're lucky enough to catch Name the Band live, don't be surprised if you seem them asking an audience member to join them on stage, or witness Monstro sharing the microphone with a fan. These gentlemen are as personable as they are talented. They are inspired by life: "it could be a person, a situation, a place or a song," but they are not making music for vanity, or the cliche rockstar reputation. 

Monstro cites Lou Reed, Neil Young and David Bowie as influences, while noting the importance of quality sound for creating the contagious energy at their shows: 

"…Good gear is super important to making a good show. It is part of the band's personality, as a matter of sound and also the looks. Of course, the way that each of us play is what really makes the band sound the way it does. In our shows we try to reproduce our record live, so we need to be very accurate with the sound. And sometimes we compose with which amplifiers or pedals we are going to use, a specific part or solo already in mind. It's a fun process." 

2015 has been a busy year for Name the Band; they performed at SXSW, have recorded two songs in an Echo Park studio, (one of which, "Cotton candy" has been released), and they are planning to release an EP in the near future. 

Name the Band's first album "Just Add Sugar," is available on cassette tape through the label Wiener Records, and can be heard at #nametheband