HOUSING AD project

The HOUSING AD project is a collection of screenshots from bizarre and funny housing ads our collaborators and staff stumble across on Craigslist or similar international listing sites from the city they are based out of.  We are currently collecting for this project from artists and writers published in past, present, or upcoming issues..   At the end of the collection period, we are publishing one big HOME book of all our rabbits' screenshots of bizarre housing ads around the world. 

Project Directions

1. Go on Craigslist, or another search engine site.

2. Look through ads for the city you are based out of.

3. When you find a weird ad, screen shot it.

Submission Directions

1. Take a screenshot of the weird housing ad.

2. Send to us at theblackrabbitsubmissions@gmail.com with "HOUSING AD" in the subject line. If the country, state, city, etc are not specified in the ad, please include it in your email.

3. Your full name will not be published with these, if you are chosen for publication, just your initials. So go wild. But be true.