Go Cozy

“When we put our super power rings together we turn into Go Cozy,” Ryan Witt, drums, said. Witt’s enthusiastic energy is second to none, much like his talent and deep appreciation for playing music. His other band, Foozle, will also be touring soon.


Witt’s lighthearted account of Go Cozy’s founding brightens his eyes, and widens his grin; when asked about the band’s origination, Witt confessed: “I was asking everyone in the area where I lived at the time to jam, and started playing with Homero and Maria.”



Friendship brought Homero Salazar (guitar and vocals), Maria Sage (keys and vocals), and Witt together. Their fortuitous unification resulted in the beautiful music that is now known as Go Cozy. The ethereal Sage sings and plays the keys, but also sets a melodic mood against Salazar’s voice and the band’s other instruments. Hays Dowdy (guitar) and Andrew Bezila (bass) joined Go Cozy, and while they’re “2nd era Go Cozy-ers,” they fit right in with the harmonious ensemble.



Recent Go Cozy super power accomplishments include: Austin’s 2016 SXSW, their first US tour and the new record ‘Glaziao,’ which the band devoted months to making, and released with the independent record label based in Washington, D.C., Babe City Records.



“As I was growing up in Puerto Rico, the days my brothers and I would find the perfect conditions for surfing, we would call it Glaziao,” Salazar.



Go Cozy attributes their increased exposure to the internet.


“We weren’t big in the local D.C. music scene, but the internet helped our music a lot,” Salazar said.


After the band’s Glaziao release show at Rock n Roll Hotel, which drew a huge crowd, and their recent show at the U-Hall venue in D.C., it’s almost hard to believe. With a devoted fan base and positive vibes, it’s clear Go Cozy’s success will continue to grow.



“IF you see someone you want to talk to here, don’t be nervous. Say hi and then say hi harder,” Salazar told the audience at the Glaziao release show.



The warm affection that all Go Cozy members share for, and with, each other radiates in their music, as well as their listeners. Feel for yourself, get cozy with Go Cozy while the superheroes play the type of music you want to fall in love to.