The Almafi Coast Zara Dress

The Almafi Coast Zara Dress


Your mother held the camera, the sea salt in the air making her bangs stick in thick pieces to her forehead. We stood on the shore, tilting into each other as we had for pictures since we were children.

If I think of all the water we’ve been to across the world it makes me calm. The hours and hours spent into chlorine, the soft sounds of shouts above water, the sucking feeling of goggles around our eyelids, the smell of grass and sun that would fill our mouths underwater. Then the beaches in Italy, the ones we stumbled onto with white sand and cold beers. Wading into the shore, your bikini black and mine white. The scent in San Francisco of eucalyptus as we ran near the water, the cold kissing our shoulders and our running outfits the color of starbursts. I think of the things that are forgiven with water. Weight. Time. Strength. Tears. Balance. I think of the things that we have forgiven each other for.

When I walked down the streets of Williamsburg last summer with a fever watching the pretty people go by, I thought of what you were doing at that moment in California. I forgave myself, as I knew you would have forgiven me, for not knowing what I was doing. And I put on this green dress, the color and weight of seafoam, I thought of us. I thought of us as little girls, when we were friends before knowing what we were. I thought of us, as young women, who were friends after we knew what we were. And with this seafoam dress I think of all the water in the world. The beaches, the rivers, the pools we’ve been in and have yet to find. And I celebrate what is and what is to become.

Brand: Zara

Material: Sheer

Size: S-M

Tired of searching for quality apparel and heritage style home goods, we founded the YT Rabbit as an online bazaar of hand curated vintage and art objects. Each piece has lived with us and been restored or tailored to suit a world of post-modernity. We believe in the integrity of each object we’ve collected and display it gallery style with its own title card and origin story on our site.

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