DREAM LOG project

The DREAM LOG project is a collection of dream log entries from our collaborators and staff.  We are currently collecting for this project from artists and writers published in past, present, or upcoming issues..   At the end of the collection period, we are publishing one big DREAM LOG book of all our rabbits' dreams. You are part of a community where the "finished" and "final" versions of yourself are published and promoted, but we also want to showcase the "sketchbooks" of what makes our rabbits our rabbits. This is an effort at group vulnerability and transparency. 

Project Directions

1. Find a notebook or journal, put it by your bed before sleeping.

2. When you wake, record your dream. Write everything in present tense. 

Include the date and time of waking.

3. Sketch any images you can remember from the dream.

4. When you have finished, below your entry, write down any major life issues that are going on.

5. Give your dream a title to remember it by. 

Submission Directions

1. Take a picture of your dream journal entry.

2. Send to us at theblackrabbitsubmissions@gmail.com with "Dream Log Project" in the subject line. 

3. Your full name will not be published with these, if you are chosen for publication, just your initials. So go wild. But be true.