Scare Yourself Out of Weekday Blues [Ruskie Version]

From  Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

From Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Black Rabbit only exists because of our international artists and writers and the globally minded individuals we have working from the States. We love everybody big, from all our different countries. However, just like we refuse to endorse our own Big Daddy In Charge, we also refuse to endorse all the other Big Daddies around the world just because they have the title Big Daddy. And both Trump and Putin have been mackin' big, in some shady-ass ways. 

We aren't trying to be Russia haters, so we compiled a playlist of Russian music. We know about three Russian words, including "что " which means "what?" so no guarantees to the lyrical avidity of any of this. However, get woke, yo. Culture largely informs and mirrors politics and therefore, persecutions, happening around the globe. We have part of our editorial and creative team in Russia. We have had Skype conversations and letters and IMs regarding what our respective governments are doing and the atmosphere with the artists and young people and how that is affecting art. Something to remember is that artists consistently tend to be outliers in their respective societies and the pop culture that accompanies them.  So even though it may seem like stuff is happening around the world, and in your world that is out of your control, look around you. Look around you for the artists and the writers, for the performers and the protesters that are resisting. These are your people. And this is your tribe. 

 In light of John Oliver's recent piece on Putin, we decided to remind ya'll of the lovely documentary Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer. This is necessary to watch if you are into A. Human Rights B. Feminism C. Being an Educated Human D. Punk Shit. In other words, even if you do not agree with the politics of a specific resistance group, it is generally a good idea as both a local and global citizen to watch and understand what happens to those that resist.  In other words, what could happen to you.

You have a responsibility to be the most educated version of yourself, not only so you can better represent yourself, but so you know how to speak up for your tribe of people. Watch Pussy Riot. Yeah, it's in Russian, but there are English subtitles, fool. So if this means you're going to be doing more reading that you have since before you heard of either of these two players, pour yourself a vodka or two. You needed more culture anyway. Read what Dummy Trump is Saying About Freaky Putin. Actually look up who Putin his. Understand his history. Let this disturb you. Don't start hating all Russians just because many are in favor of Putin.  Do some research on Russia's history to see how he makes sense to people. Listen to some Russian tunes to round off the sharp edges of despair and disgust that's probably humming around you. Develop an opinion on A. What the Hell Happened With America's Relations With Russia Pre/Post Cold War B. Why This Matters C. What The Hell Is Going On Now D. Why What Trump is Saying Regarding Russia Matters. Go pick up a copy of Crime and Punishment because A. That's Russian B. You're Probably Not Reading A Classic Right Now Anyway, Though You Should C. Even Putin apparently has time to read classics. If he can do so while being a dictator and mysteriously orchestrating the deaths and imprisonments of all his haters, what excuse do you have  D. It's About A Maverick and Questions of the Letter of the Law. And by God, we all should be questioning that. We should always be questioning that. Especially right now.  And sorry, ya'll. Even though our lists end in D, none of them are easy, G. 

I love the Russian classics very much, the Russian classical literature. But I also read modern literature. As far as Russian literature is concerned, I am very fond of Tolstoy and Chekhov, and I also enjoy reading Gogol very much. —Vladimir Putin
I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things,
— Donald Trump, via Politico re the question of who he consults with for foreign policy
Amy Bush