Queering Composition

If somebody is teaching a composition course and attempting to queer it, they are a first rate maverick.  Meet Cody Grey.

I first met Cody in a few of my graduate lit classes at the U.  Classes from time periods nobody knows about, using mostly extinct theory, and reading largely unread texts our professor had been kind enough to dole out like one of those parents at a Halloween party passing out high grade toilet paper for ungrateful children to wrap themselves in.  We sat in a circle, and I think I had 1 to 2 1/2 friends, leftovers from other classes I had made more of an effort to develop relationships in.  Being a creative writing major, I would walk into these classes trying not to drown.  Cody's commentary on a lot of our material tended to be insanely modern and theoretically sharp, especially pertaining to queer theory and post-colonialism.  After listening to them for two semesters, then seeing them post something on social media about making their syllabus public, I knew we had to share it with our readers.  


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