Years later I walk through the city where we met for the first time. You had come to the train station, an apple in your pocket and an extra scarf in your hand. I look at you, run my thumb across your lips. I remember the colors I had come to the city with. A skirt the color of unripe limes. Pale pink blouses. Shoes as bright as the scales of tropical fish.

Images filling my mouth like ashes. I close my eyes. Time has passed and you’ve moved through the boroughs, different photos in my phone of the views from your different windows. If I wanted to look hard enough. Different photos I took waking up in your room. And the photos you send me even after we knew it would be too late when I returned.

I have become blind. There is so much light, everywhere, all the time, and nothing. When I close my eyes, the images climb through the dark. I can no longer tell if I close my eyes to remember you or to forget. So in the trains I make everything go black. And it is this color that I leave our city with.

Size: Small

Brand: St. John

About the Brand: Founded in 1962, St. John is an American company known for its luxury knitwear.

About Heritage Pieces: The YT Rabbit promotes brands and makers who create “heritage” quality apparel and goods. This means that the pieces are made with fine materials and intentional design. Buying and wearing high quality apparel when possible discourages the disposable mindset found in the fast fashion industry. Because each piece is made with higher quality fabrics and with careful cutting and sewing techniques, it can be worn longer and more often than its knockoff counterpart.

Care: Garment Care Tips from St. John

Tired of searching for quality apparel and heritage style home goods, we founded the YT Rabbit as an online bazaar of hand curated vintage and art objects. Each piece has lived with us and been restored or tailored to suit a world of post-modernity. We believe in the integrity of each object we’ve collected and display it gallery style with its own title card and origin story on our site.

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