About JACASSEUR Artist Collective & BLACK RABBIT Magazine

 Photo by Alberto Moreu

Photo by Alberto Moreu


JACASSEUR is an international artist collective and community collaborating which produces the bi-annual art and literary print magazine, BLACK RABBIT. If The Economist and Adbusters had a kid they were afraid to take out in public, we'd be it. The best of poppa's seamless narrative voice with mamma's punk streak.  

We aim to enhance and streamline international and local underground artistic and literary communities, providing various services to our models and photographers including collaborations, referrals, text and image editing, model-photographer contracts, poetry and prose translations, video and audio interviews, editorial shoots, headshots and portraits, and image consultation. 

Our international team of  visual artists and writers lend their voices both in English and their native languages to our text, and there are no image ids until the index.

Cory Rice is our contributing photographer based in Brooklyn, Mireille Sophie our Sacramento stylist, and Vitaliy Dobrynin (fine art) and Alexandros Emmanouilidis (photography) are contributing creative directors representing St. Petersburg and Athens. Letizia Iman (photography) and Matteo Domenichetti (fashion desing) head our Italian creative team. The founder Amy Bush has designed, managed, and produced all digital content and print publications since BLACK RABBIT'S initial publication in 2013.