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Rooted in Fantasy

Photo by Alberto Moreu

Photo by Alberto Moreu

About Noir & Krolik

NOIR & KROLIK is the parent company of Black Rabbit Magazine,NOIR & KROLIK vintage shop, and the full service design agency WINN MEDIA.

Our domain name, “jacasseur” is French slang derived from the word for rabbit, meaning “chatterbox”. Our philosophy is rooted in open communication with our fellow artists and a sensitivity and adamant duty to the idea of what it means to be human. We desire to make the world a more hospitable place through lines of open communication with each other, broadening the ideas of what it means to be at home or make a home in the world


About The Magazine

The literary and art magazine BLACK RABBIT is produced by our community of international artists. If The Economist and Adbusters had a kid they were afraid to take out in public, we'd be it. The best of papa's seamless narrative voice with mamma's punk streak.  

We aim to enhance and streamline international and local underground artistic and literary communities, providing various services to our models and photographers including collaborations, referrals, text and image editing, model-photographer contracts, poetry and prose translations, video and audio interviews, editorial shoots, headshots and portraits, and image consultation. 

Our international team of  visual artists and writers lend their voices both in English and their native languages to our text, and there are no image ids until the index.

Cory Rice is our contributing photographer based in Brooklyn. Vitaliy Dobrynin (fine art) and Alexandros Emmanouilidis (photography) are contributing creative directors representing St. Petersburg and Athens. Letizia Iman (photography) and Matteo Domenichetti (fashion desing) head our Italian creative team. The founder Amy Bush has designed, managed, and produced all digital content and print publications since BLACK RABBIT'S initial publication in 2013. 


About The Shop

Tired of searching for quality apparel and heritage style home goods, we founded our Noir & Krolik shop as an online bazaar of hand curated vintage and art objects. Each piece has lived with us and been restored or tailored to suit a world of post-modernity. We believe in the integrity of each object we’ve collected and display it gallery style with its own title card and origin story on our site.

about AMY BUSH

Amy likes nothing better than using all her food money on print magazines.

Amy likes nothing better than using all her food money on print magazines.

PORTFOLIO samples:

Creative Director for VOGT Silversmiths- Amy designed Vogt’s website hosted on Shopify, utilizing .liquid template language (written in Ruby) and the print catalog she designs via Adobe InDesign and Photoshop available for viewing on the website

Amy has directed various shoots in San Francisco, California; New York and Brooklyn, New York; and Sacramento, California for fine jewelry and leather and lifestyle. Samples of these can be seen in Vogt’s catalog above, but please feel free to contact.

Amy has a thorough and wide variety of writing and editing experience spanning from creative writing at public university to private tutoring, content production for creative publications and advertising, grant and scholarship awards and proposals, commercial insurance contract and proposal writing, to ad copy for luxury campaigns.

Her experience with people has ranged from teaching to executive assistance in the legal field to managing production crews for publications and panels both corporate and private. She loves the liaison aspect of design management and being able to problem solve at high intellectual, conceptual, and design process levels for fine artists and corporate positions.

Amy founded and maintains NOIR & KROLIK as a visual way for artists to connect with each other and the outside world. During college she saw that many of her connections had no platform of reaching out or knowing each other’s work, so decided to take on developing a brand to represent them both digitally and in a print publication. She has connected many of her artists with creative gigs and sourced artistic talent while in her corporate positions through this network and continues to find it an invaluable mediation between the professional and personal spheres of artists.